Top 5 Ideas for Weekend Getaways in Karachi

Top 5 Ideas for Weekend Getaways in Karachi

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Away from the hustle bustle of city life, everyone wants to cherish moments at a peaceful destination and relax to the fullest. If you are yearning for mental peace and serenity, then Sindh has a lot to offer to Karachittes in terms of mesmerizing sights adorned with natural beauty. As we are all well-aware of the fact that Pakistan is blessed with a wide range of scenic beauty whether it be the mountainous areas of Kashmir or the coastal shores of Gawadar, we really do have it all. To satisfy the adventurer in you, there are still astonishing places in Pakistan that are unexplored and are not visited by many.

Many of us stuck behind the desk working and do not plan for vacations. The reason might be investments of time, money and energy-which is coherent- but vacationing doesn’t require one to flee to a far-off destination. You can find suitable places around your city as well and get the break you need amidst a hectic working routine. For these kinds of vacy destinations, you just need to have free weekend, friends or family and a luxurious transport. Karachi, renowned for its energetic lifestyle and glistering, is much more than just a city of lights.

We have spotted some of the amazing tourists’ getaways in Karachi that you can easily reach and unveil the splendid beauty! Here is the list of top 5 ideas for weekend getaways in Karachi:

1. Astola Island:

If you are looking for some serious adventure and fun then Astola Island is the best getaway destination to cherish on weekends. Located in Pasni, a district situated in Gwadar, this spot is keeping its natural beauty intact and you can definitely see rare marine creatures here including   green turtles, the hornbill, and a large number of aquatic birds, coursers, curlews, godwits, and gulls. While it involves a tiring drive from Karachi, its view makes the trip worthwhile.

2. Kenjhar Lake:

Known as second freshwater lake in Pakistan, Kenjhar Lake is best spot for picnics and relaxing. Located in Thatta district, this water lake is imbued with wildlife including flamingos, ducks, herons, egrets, cormorants, ibises, gulls. What makes it stand out from the rest of tourist’s spots, is the shrine in the middle of the lake “Noori’s grave”, which is visited by devotees.

3. Mola Chotak:

A secret waterfall Mola chotak is located in Moola Valley, Khuzdar, surrounding with the beauty of nature including green rocks, cliffs and steep ravines. The freshwater waterfall is simply exotic and the best destination for you to visit on weekends with friends. Nothing can beat this natural beauty and we bet you can’t have enough of it once you experience the serenity there.

4. Gorak Hills:

Gorak Hills is a wonder in itself as it is the place in Sindh where it snows-can you believe that? To do so, you need to visit this charismatic spot along with your family and experience something extraordinary. Located near Karachi, the temperature here can drop to -5 degrees during first six months of the year. It might sound far-fetched but you can do camping at this amazing spot with friends and look at the stars for the whole night. You can get some amazing changing views especially during sunset and might get those post worthy clicks for Instagram.

5. Charna Island:

Known as diver’s paradise in Karachi, if you are into scuba diving or snorkeling then this spot is just for you. This is Pakistan’s second-largest island inculcated with coral gardens replete with exotic marine life. Blue shades of water will surround you adorned with calm glistening waves accentuating its beauty furthermore.


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