Top 5 Midnight Snacks to Try for those Netflix Binges!

Top 5 Midnight Snacks to Try for Netflix Binges

If you want to make your night somewhat worthwhile and if you are couch potato, then you must have your favorite snacks aligned within your comfort zone. Most of us are at home thee days owing to the corona virus outbreak and religiously following the trend which is termed as “Netflix n Chill”. Netflix incorporates amazing seasons and well-scripted movies that keep you glued to your screens for long. Just imagine watching your favorite series for hours without having the chance to indulge in binge-eating your favorite savory snacks, boring isn’t it?

Whether its chocolaty sweet delights or healthy nutritious meal, you need to have something to accentuate the Netflix night to the fullest. Snacks and munching not only keep you awake the whole night but also help you cope with the excitement and anxiety building up. It’s not necessary that we feel hunger cramps to have mid-night munching, it has now become obligatory before catching up our Netflix queue. It is recommended to have healthy diet instead of having junk food, to satisfy your appetite and prevent from gaining weight.

Try to make something for yourself rather than opting for an order. This way, you can literally enjoy healthy hygienic munching without having any doubt. Mid-night meals may include your preferred desserts, loaded fries or your favorite succulent sandwich-which you hadn’t made for a long time- so you can make your Netflix night special while staying healthy.

Forget the popcorns and be peculiar;

Here are some of the mid-night snacks that you should eat while enjoying your Netflix session!

Fruit/Vegetable Salad:

Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat healthy nourishing bowl of seasonal fruits/vegetable salad. Prepare a bowl full of your favorite fruits and vegetables with sauces to add up taste to it for example thousand island, mustard sauce, vinegar or humus. We are salivating already!

Loaded Cheese Fries:

Well, who can ever say No to fries?? They are surely the weakness of everyone owing to their heavenly taste and mesmerizing aroma. You can have frozen fries and then just fry it till they are cooked. Serve it with melted cheese and mushrooms to elevate its taste to sheer perfection.


Shakes are not only satisfying in terms of taste; they are wholly nutritious and healthy. Grab your favorite fruits-in summers “mangoes”- also buy an ice-cream of that flavor and make thick luscious milkshake or smoothie. Add vanilla essence if you want to enhance its taste more.


As we all know that mangoes are in abundance during summers, you can make an extravagant dessert out of it & satisfy your sweet tooth while binge-watching Netflix seasons. Make mango kheer, mango custard, mango trifle, mango pudding and much more.

Mixed Corn Chaat:

A chaat recipe that you can prepare in a matter of minutes with simple ingredients. A healthy, luxurious and spicy bowl of both taste and nutrients. If you are fan of spicy food especially when it comes to munching then this is the best thing to have while enjoying your favorite series. Boil corns for a few minutes then add up red chilli sauce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, mustard sauce, coriander chutney and salt.

Let us know your favorite midnight snacks in the comments below!


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