Top 5 Most Underrated Pakistani Dramas Of All Time!

Top 5 Most Underrated Pakistani Dramas Of All Time

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Are you tired of watching same old drama stories? Trying to get entertained by something a bit out of the ordinary? Pakistani dramas are your best getaways in terms of ecstatic content, storyline and characters reflecting the reality of our society in the best way. In the past few years, the Pakistani drama industry has evolved, fostered & developed handsomely. With exquisite characters, immaculate storylines and professional scripts, our dramas are not only lauded within the region but also across the globe. Not only dramas, their OSTs have always been loved and remembered by the fans.

Many Pakistani artists are approached by Hollywood and Bollywood directors because of good looks and profound acting skills. Realistic approach, relatable characters and fine way of execution have made Pakistani dramas an eminent niche in the entertainment fraternity. It’s sometimes difficult to choose only one Pakistani drama to call it your favorite as there are list of amazing drama series. To name a few, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mere Pass Tum Ho, Dastan, Manmayal, Udaari and much more.

Acknowledging the content, dialogues, script and characters in aforementioned drama series. Bear in mind though, there are many drama series that we might have overlooked. Their storyline, characters and direction have distinctive edge and go beyond typical romantic vibes. Audience of modern era wants something out of the box and it instantly gets viral on social media. Here we are enlisting Pakistani underrated dramas that you should binge-watch right away;

Watch these following not so popular dramas in case you have missed them!

1. Dushman-e-Jaan:

Depicts a very sensitive topic, the director has outdone by portraying this issue in much sensible manner on screen. Featuring one of the profound actors Mohib Mirza, characterized as a stubborn and spoiled son of rich business-oriented parents. His mere arrogance took a life of a girl and the story revolves around his guilt.

2. Mujhy Jeeny Do:

Written by Shahid Nizami, directed by Angeline Malik, this drama did not gain that much attraction of viewers but it portrayed strong societal issue that prevails. The plot focuses on child marriages and how it effects the children mentally.

3. Kashf:

After giving hit on hit series, Hira Mani’s drama serial Kashf did not work as good as expected. Apart from the fact that its story relates to our society quite much, this drama series did not get the response it deserved. Revolving around “Jaali Peer” and how they make money by making fools out of innocent people.

4. Kankar:

This drama depicts a sensitive issue of domestic violence and how it affects women in general. Main lead played by Sanam Baloch along with Fahad Mustafa who got married. But due to short temper of the guy, Sanam baloch was subjected to domestic violence.

 5. Ishq Zahee Naseeb:

Despite of having star studded cast like Sonya Hussayn and Zahid Ahmed, this drama had failed to cast its magic on screen and attract viewers. It displayed a sensitive issue that is certainly faced by many but everyone shies away from discussing it- Bipolar personality.


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