Top 5 Pakistani Dramas’ OSTs That You Should Listen to Right Away!

Pakistan Drama Serials

Pakistani entertainment has over the last few years experienced a great revival and has produced some amazing dramas that have captivated audiences en masse. With the surge in the supply of entertainment channels and hence spoiled by the choices for dramas, people are increasingly sensitive towards the quality of the content. Sometimes an enchanting OST is enough to grab people’s attention and compels them to watch the series as well. Pakistani drama OSTs can often be a melodious and expressive means to convey the essence of the theme of a drama. A good drama is the combination of an attractive storyline, soulful music compositions, gripping screenplay, direction and deep characters.

In isolation, though crucial to the success of a drama, it is when taken together that the interplay of these factors fundamentally differentiates a mediocre drama from the true greats. Dramas, which have something different to it end up standing out more and attain popularity eventually. A stupendous OST is what attracts the audience the most and no doubt, Pakistani dramas have enthralled us not only by exquisite drama content but also by soothing OSTs, sung by renowned singers of our Music fraternity. An OST can serve to elevate the emotions portrayed by characters, it can raise and then drop our emotions as the drama unfolds and it is what ultimately stays with viewers long after a drama finishes.

Creativity, distinctive style and on point characterization in dramas are the key elements to make audience glued to the screens. Social media also plays an important role in creating the necessary hype for any drama series, whether it be related to dialogue deliveries or sensational OST!

2020 has seen the production airing of some exceptional drama series that have amazing OSTs. Let’s listen to these mesmerizing OSTs once again!

Mere Pass Tum Ho:

A drama that has become phenomena over short period of time due to it’s amazing star cast and heart touching dialogues by non-other than the controversial Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. A storyline that depicts a betrayal by woman and how it eventually creates menace for society, took social media by storm as some of it’s clips attained attention of millions. It’s OST had been loved and listened by everyone as it triggered emotions and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan’s soulful voice made all swoon over the song even more.

Ehde Wafa:

Ehde Wafa grasped the attention of drama lovers owing to it’s association with our great Pakistani Army and featured a touching storyline. This TV series is an ISPR-sponsored work with the theme of how these four guys worked hard to make a living. It’s a truly exquisite story and has an upbeat awe-inspiring OST that garnered praises from people and has become one of the most watched series.

Pyaar Key Sadqey:

In terms of storyline and concept, this drama has much more to offer than the typical drama series. Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi have been spotted together for the first time, taking on challenging and entirely different roles from their preceding ones. The OST has the quirky vibe with the demure of loveable lyrics to accentuate it. Sung by the famed Ahmed Jahanzeb, the song is peculiar, corresponding with the concept of the drama. 


Starring Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain in the series for the first time after marriage, this drama series made us all addicted via it’s exceptional portrayal of story and characters. And the magic has been consecrated by it’s valiant OST lyrics and the captivating voice of Sajjad Ali.

Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida:

The upcoming drama Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida released it’s OST and teasers lately. The soothing nature of the song is surely making us listen to it ON REPEAT!!!

Let us know your favorite OST’s in the comments below!


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