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Oh aren’t we all flabbergasted by our Pakistanis style tycoons? From their charismatic personalities to their fascinating fashion choices, we tend to get inspiration from Pakistani style icons. Pakistani celebrities are grooming with time owing to the fact that they need to be in the limelight. Good looks and enchanting personalities are surely quintessential if you want to grab the attention of millions. Spending hefty amounts of money on their looks and style statements, Pakistani celebrities are making their mark in the realm of fashion. Curating exceptional style statements and acing high in fashion hues, they are universally admired by fans. Looks are inherently genetic but to be fashionable, to be trendy focuses on the way you pull off any trend. There are many celebrities and style icons in Pakistan that don’t wear high-end designer’s wear but still leave an impression.

Amp up their style stature by mere confidence while exuding unique and fierce fashion statements. Our ace Pakistani celebrities are leaving an everlasting charm on us by their sartorial fashion silhouettes both on and off the screen. Impeccable fashionistas have upped their style game at every occasion via manifesting the trends with sheer perfection. Instagram profiles of our Pakistani style icons are like our fashion boards from which we take style inspiration and we are not sorry about that!

Here we have picked up the top 5 Pakistani style icons that enthralled us wholly by their spectacular aura. True to their exquisite personalities, these fashion icons have a tendency to flaunt every style like a pro.

1. Mahira Khan:

The lady who dazzled the world by her stupendous looks and captivating talent, Mahira Khan is undoubtedly the “Superstar” of Pakistan.  In terms of her style stature, she has absolutely stunned us all by her versatility whether it be western wear or eastern attires. She has represented Pakistan internationally at Paris fashion week 2019, a clear proof that she is indeed the style icon of Pakistan. Lately, in her photoshoot she donned Greek designer’s all frill western outfit, making us go wow over her persona even more.

Have a look!style icon of Pakistan

2. Meesha Shafi:

When it comes to flaunting unconventional style statements, Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi is at the top. Experimenting with her looks every now and then, this diva is certainly an eminent style icon of Pakistan. The coke studio famed singer Meesha has always grabbed attention owing to her statement red-pout and immaculate fashion pieces.

3. Saba Qamar:

Breaking norms and redefining style in her own way, actress & model Saba Qamar is not only imbued with versatility but also has turned out to be a style inspiration. Her recent photoshoots say a lot about her personal fashion choices that make her stand out. Being valiant and bold in style, she has often faced backlashes but she stays true to herself-that’s what captivates us.

4. Sonya Hussayn:

Actress Sonya Hussayn had been out of the drama industry for quite sometime but she is back again. We have seen her powerful presence on Instagram and we must say, the diva has evolved herself into a powerful style icon in a short span of time. Garnering praises pertaining to her flamboyant style statements and bold avatar, we are still under her spell!

 5. Ayesha Omer:

Actress, host and model Ayesha Omer has been a style icon ever since she joined the entertainment fraternity. Her exclusive style statements and charismatic personality have inspired women of all ages. Exuding western style statements with the epitome of perfection, we are oh so obsessed with her graceful fashion hues.

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