5 Popular Bridal Jewelry Trends in Pakistan: All brides-to-be should Take Notes Right Away!

5 Popular Bridal Jewelry Trends in Pakistan

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As lockdown is being lifted and things are getting back to normal in Pakistan, the postponed dates of weddings due to pandemic are starting to be finalized. Winter season is all about festivities, weddings and nuptials. Pakistanis cherish celebrations especially weddings with sheer passion and merriment adorned with cultural and traditional hues. Ensuring that one pulls of the perfect style statements that resonates with the on-going trends is a must when it comes to celebrating weddings to the fullest.

Pakistani women tend to exhibit their best version by getting designer dresses accentuating their personality. Moreover, women are quite concerned about their jewelry choices especially brides as most of their look depends on the jewelry design they wear. If a bride wants to look exceptional and perk up her aura, she definitely needs to focus on her jewelry statement. Whether it be emeralds, pearls, pure gold or you mother’s vintage jewels craftmanship, you have to pick the right kind of jewelry that works best for you on your big day.

Trends have been changing since past few years pertaining to wedding nuptials, wedding dresses and jewelry predominantly. As many wedding nuptials, dresses & ceremonies portray glimpses of our heritage, Pakistani jewelry designs are also influenced by our ace traditions and classic art work.

Bridal jewelry sets incorporate matha pati, earring designs, jhumar, necklace, rings, studs, anklet and many jewel pieces that ultimately enhance the glamour and beauty of the bride. Modern brides try to infuse exquisiteness to their looks by opting for something that is extravagant and contrasting to the typical bridal trends. We have seen a major shift of trend in bridal jewelry from all gold to artificial designer ornaments. If you are looking for heavy bridal jewelry sets, you need to give it a second thought!

Adornments, embellished jewels and fancy ornaments have their own significance in making any bride’s look classy and worthwhile. Buckle up as we are going to describe a few booming trends in the world of Jewelry especially for the brides!!

List  of 5 Popular Bridal Jewelry Trends in Pakistan

  1. Statement Jewelry:
    Statement Jewelry

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    Statement jewelry fabricates the sleek and grandeur version of you corresponding with your bridal dress. If you want to give an impact of heavy jewels than statement embellished jewels are just the right pick. Further amplify its look by popping emeralds and stones creating an everlasting impression. You can give it a vintage edge or pure glistering hues; this trend is making its mark this year.

  2. Pearls & Emeralds:
    Pearls Jewelry

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    Pearls can never go out of fashion and they are replacing gold jewels in traditional weddings. Not only are they graceful and exhibit royalty, pearl necklaces and earrings are a class apart. If you want to pull off an exemplary look on your big day, go for pearls decked with colorful emeralds & stones.

  3. Vintage Jewelry:
    Vintage Jewelry

    Courtesy of Amani

    If you are prone to wear something classic and vintage then we recommend you to wear designs of your grandmother’s era. Elegant, sophisticated and captivating vintage designs are always lauded by women and these timeless masterpieces can be worn with any modern designer clothing.

  4. Gemstones/Moonstones:

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    Adorn your statement jewelry or vintage jewels with moonstones or gemstones and you are going to dazzle everyone through this exotic bridal look. Enriched with shine and glitz, moonstones are so in demand these days for bridal jewelry.

  5. Diamond Bracelets & Rings:
    Diamond Jewelry

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    “shine bright like a diamond”

    Diamond jewelry is admired by every woman owing to it’s mesmerizing beauty and enchanting shine. Who can ever overlook the stunning diamond set? Clustering – the mixing of different colors and shapes of diamond in a single piece is making statement style and is the perfect style choice for any occasion.


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