Top 5 Restaurants in Lahore: Must-Visit Places For Food Lovers!

Top 5 Restaurants in Lahore

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Lahoris are known for their love of food and it is evident by virtue of the fact that there are multiple scrumptious food chains within the city. If you would opt for a food related business in Lahore that would offer delectable food, then you surely are going to be acknowledged. Lahoris are fond of every kind of food whether it be desi or Thai, it’s the city that cherishes each flavor. Lahore is one of the most developed cities of Pakistan which is adorned with cultural beauty and top-notch food chains.

Apart from having a good lifestyle, people in Lahore are known to be real foodies and are rather adventurous when it comes to their palette. Every eatery in Lahore serves the best in terms of taste, flavors and versatility. Sometimes it gets hard to decide as restaurants are in abundance and offer truly mouthwatering delights. Lahore is a food paradise for all the foodies out there and tourists are recommended to try out all that Lahore has to offer.

Not only confined to desi cultural delights, Lahori restaurants and cafes have become quite professional and proficient in Thai, continental, Chinese, Japanese and what not. Besides, Lahore’s roadside food eateries have their own taste and charisma that cannot be denied at all.

If you want to content your craving with some tempting and succulent cuisines in town, then we have made it easier for you!

Here is our list of top 5 restaurants in Lahore that are tried and tested!

1. Rina’s Kitchenette:

One of the most fancy restaurants in Lahore “Rina’s Kichnette”, is located Y Commercial, Phase 3, DHA. It offers amazing desserts and cakes that have come to be relished by Lahoris for the past few years. They have also started serving tantalizing cuisines including burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, butter fried chicken, chicken pot pies, & salads. They have exquisite taste and mesmerizing flavors that would make you drool over them.

2. Haveli Restaurant:

Located in old Lahore food street & recently opened new branch in liberty, Haveli restaurant is a must-visit place for all as it offers best desi cuisines and an enchanting view. Along with the view, you get to enjoy historical vibes around you with live singing. While enjoying immaculate desi flavors, you can have the glimpse of the Mughal era.

3. Tenerife:

The Tenerife café has earmarked its place among the finest restaurants owing to its tempting food items and perfect ambiance to hangout with your friends.  From grilled sandwiches to tender steaks, this place has gotten our attention.

4. Café Aylanto:

Due to its diverse menu and so on point Mediterranean cuisines, Café Aylanto is among the popular restaurants in Lahore. In addition to an alluring ambiance; it offers quality food and mouthwatering flavors that are worth your every penny.

5. Yum:

If you want to experience real Chinese and Thai food in Lahore then this place is a must-visit. Located in DHA and Gulberg, Yum restaurant is famous for its amazing food quality and is known as the best fine dining eatery. They offer delectable dishes in beef, chicken, lobster, prawns, and even squids. Their  Singapore noodles and Thai Green Curry are also quite popular.

Tell us your favorite restaurants in the comments below!


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