Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Cherish in Pakistan this Summer!

Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in Pakistan

UK-based travel magazine Conde Traveler has listed Pakistan as the top holiday destination for 2020!

“After counting the votes from its membership of adventure travel experts from around the world, the BBS is delighted to announce that Pakistan has been awarded third place in the ranking,” said a statement issued by the BBS. Samuel Joynson of the BBS said that Pakistan is a travel gem and is one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations right now.

Taking into account these international statements, it is hence proven that Pakistan has now become the safe haven for travel, adorned with beauty and among the best places for tourism. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last year visited Pakistan and were amazed by it’s enchanting beauty. Pakistan is blessed with a diverse range of fascinating sights including mountainous areas, landscapes, lakes, beaches and surely gives a glimpse of paradise. In the last two decades, tourism and travel had been largely affected by terrorism and safety issues for foreigners but as the situation improved manifold, travelers are once again heading to Pakistan.

In terms of hospitality, facilities, love, friendliness & mesmerizing natural beauty, Pakistan has now been highly recommended for tourism. Majestic mountains and soothing landscapes are not the only attraction for travelers in Pakistan but tourists are highly fascinated by the historical places, astounding Masjids and cultural monuments especially in Punjab. The government is making every effort to reinstate the culture of travel and tourism in Pakistan, as it generates immense revenue and also establishes an optimistic image of Pakistan across the globe. The PTI government has allocated 1 billion for rehabilitation and upgrading of tourist spots and using technology and applications that could make things easy for tourists in Islamabad primarily.

Condé Nast Traveller, The CN Traveler magazine published an article under the title ‘The best holiday destinations for 2020’ where Pakistan has been ranked on the top, while, UK, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively.

Here are the 5 holiday destinations that you should visit in Pakistan this year and embrace the natural beauty we are blessed with!

Hunza Valley:

Hunza Valley

Hunza is a mountainous valley in the autonomous Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is situated in the northern part of Gilgit-Baltistan. Infused with orchards, glaciers, a river, wooden bridges and mountains. It also integrates all the necessary tourist facilities including hotels, scrumptious cuisines and handicrafts.



Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan and is truly the epitome of wonderous serenity. Turquoise waters, towering mountains, beautiful lakes, and generous people, Skardu is a must-visit place for all the travel freaks. Explore Kachhura Village, where Kachhura Lake’s crystal- clear water which is heavenly.

Naltar Valley, Gilgit:

Naltar Valley

Located in Gilgit, this valley is imbued with exotic landscapes and enchanting beauty, famous for its sheer beauty and serene atmosphere. The snow-capped peaks, landscapes, lakes, and expansive forests make Naltar worth a retreat. During the winter, Naltar Valley turns into a skiing mecca. The Pakistan Air Force manages the ski resort that attracts thousands of skiers from across the world each year.

Fairy Meadows:

Fairy Meadows

Natural grassland located at the north of Nanga Parbat, Fairy meadows offer an incredible view of Nanga Parbat, the world’s 9th highest mountain peak though it comes with high price and is indeed expensive. But once you reach there, it’s all worth it!

Fairy Meadows is an absolute splendor by all means as it is permeated with astounding forests and high-altitude mountains. Fairy Meadows is a hub for tourists. Pakistan earns revenue of PKR 17 million from this location alone.

Katpana Dessert:

Katpana Dessert

Located in Skardu Gilgit, this is the highest cold desert of the world namely Katpana Desert. If you are visiting Skardu, don’t forget to relish the beauty of Katpana Desert especially the sunset at the top of the dunes. Sand dunes are occasionally covered in snow with the temperature here drop  below −17 °C or more in Winters. People who have visited the place are captivated by the beauty and wish to visit it again owing to it’s regal beauty.

Tell us your favorite places to visit in Pakistan in the comments below.


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