Top 5 Urdu Novels You Should Read to Brush Away Boredom This Summer!

Top 5 Urdu Novels You Should Read to Brush Away Boredom

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The Urdu language is infused with jubilant elements and versatility in every genre especially novels & poetry. It has an unmatchable essence that cannot be replaced by any other language in the world. Our ace poets and legendary Urdu writers are still remembered by their alluring services in this realm. Elevating the stature of Urdu language by breathing life into it via curating amazing masterpieces. From exceptional Urdu poetry to astounding novels, their names are engraved in history as truly top-notch artists. Beside the fact that English literature has gained popularity and people tend to read it more due to the simple fact that it is the most spoken language in the world, Urdu has this truly unique and graceful essence to it that makes it so much more than just a language.

But there is a true disconnect between our youth and the love they should have of our language as they fail to truly grasp its versatility, content and inspiring stories by our timeless-something that is critical should we wish to stay close to our heritage. To escape from the mundanity of life and to invest your time in a good way, it is recommended to develop a reading habit for your minds nourishment. Whether it be romance, thriller, spiritual or horror, Urdu novels never fail to impress owing to their originality and relatability.

Urdu Novels show the true picture of our society and portray it in the form of story in such a way that people get intrigued and are in the process educated on the evils, realities and problems prevailing in society. Furthermore, our mainstream media is quite inspired by the stories of Urdu novels as we have seen many hit Pakistani dramas based on Urdu Novels-proud moment- not only lauded by Pakistanis but their stories are equally admired by people across the globe.

If you are eager to find the bestseller Urdu novels but are in a fit as to where to start from, then this article would surely help to find the best Urdu novels. Dive into our heritage and pick the pearls from the ocean of enthralling Urdu content.

Get ready to be blown away by these top 5 urdu novels you should read to brush away boredom!


A story revolving around two people; a runaway girl & a boy who has An exceptional IQ it is a truly intriguing masterpiece, based on an interesting turn of events and is one of the true classics penned by the great Urdu writer Umera Ahmed. It was followed by a sequel named Abe hayat which was also captivating.

Jannat Key Pattay:

Based on a socio-romantic story, Jannat Kay Pattay is written by novelist Nemrah Ahmed. A story that keeps the readers hooked to the end owing to it’s so enthralling storyline and execution. The story revolves around a girl doing her LLB and who got a scholarship from a Turkish University but she runs into hindrances as a video of her goes viral. This tale is adorned with thriller, suspense, love, care and sacrifice meshed into a true tale that is Jannat Key Pattay.

Meri Zaat Zara-e-benishan:

A well-composed story of a lady who was tested by worldly norms and faced a tribulation she did not deserve. A highly inspiring Urdu novel that revolves around the theme of spirituality-the protagonist  of the novel- Saba was married to Afreen but Afreen’s mother hated her so much that she planned to ruin her character. Written by Umera Ahmad, the mainstream media also made a drama out of it and it grabbed the attention of all viewers and earned stellar reviews, becoming both a critical and commercial success.

Raja Gidh:

A novel which is highly recommended to all pertaining to it’s focus on today’s evil-obsession & urge for more- delving into human psychology & a person’s unconditional urge to attain everything. Written by Bano Qudsia, this novel would make us ponder on certain things we usually ignore-which is destroying our peace.


Written by Umera Ahmad, this urdu novel depicts the societal problems and people enduring substantial issues but are afraid to raise their voices against them. A girl takes a stand against these issues while everyone is accustomed to them and faces many obstacles in here path for justice and recognition.


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