Top 5 Women Signature Scents to Wear This Summer!

Top 5 Women Signature Perfumes to Wear This Summer

Summer season brings along merriment and refreshing vibes with the demure of floral scents around us. Choosing the perfect perfume according to your preferences and body is indeed a challenging task. There is a lot of sniffing and sorting out when it comes to choosing your perfect partner for summer. And it goes without saying that picking up the best spray from a wide range of variety takes a lot of effort and can be a somewhat headache-inducing experience. Every woman, in particular, wants to smell extraordinary that drives the attention of all people around her and to become that ultimate fashion diva that influences the fashion choices of those around her. Moreover, it elevates your confidence and significantly makes you stand out. And all that pays off when someone especially stops you and asks for your perfume name. Summer scents include floral, fruity, woodsy, or clean while you can leave the strong fragrances for winters. First you need to sort out the specific type you adore then accordingly narrow down the options. Summer is one of the most carefree, easy-going times of the year, and your choice in perfume should reflect that.

Another challenging venture is to look for the perfume that would last longer & can leave a lasting impression on others. Getting an appropriate perfume says a lot about your personal choices, your taste and your personality. It’s evident that one whiff of perfume can bring back memories and all the moments associated to it. It surely plays a pivotal role in reviving certain moments that are long-forgotten. That’s why the importance of having a nice scent can never be underestimated as it makes your personality and completes your overall look. Picking up the right perfume is akin to choosing the right pair of jeans and tapestry for an event.  In order to make things easier for you while choosing your best soulmate i.e. your sensational perfume- we have enlisted some of the classic and latest perfumes that have grabbed our attention whilst hitting just the right chords & evoking strong emotions.

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Victoria Secrets:

Victoria Secret Bombshell

Victoria secrets has an extensive range of alluring scents but Bombshell perfume by Victoria secrets shot up the standard. The best seller amongst Victoria’s Secret line of perfumes, Bombshell is a fruity floral scent also known as the ‘LBD of Fragrance’. The perfume contains notes of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony and Vanilla Orchid combined to blow us away us away with a perfect floral fragrance, asking it absolutely perfect for women who adore light floral scents more and illustrates their aura.

Obsession (Calvin Klein):

Obsession Calvin Klein

A well-recognized brand Calvin klein has some astonishing range of perfumes available all across the globe. The cult classic perfumed had launched in 1985 and still captivates owing to it’s right combinations. A must-have perfume for all your formal events and gatherings!

Soul (Maria B.):

Soul (Maria B.)

Maris B. is one of the ace designers in the Pakistani fashion realm. She has been running her clothing brand for decades successfully and lately launched her perfume range. Her signature perfume Soul has garnered much praises from customers as it is fresh & earthy with contrasting notes of tuberoses, sweet woods and passion fruit.

Chanel Coco:

Chanel Coco

Chanel’s perfumes are some of the most classic around but we recommend love the Mademoiselle version. Its exquisite mix of orange, jasmine and rose still makes this one of the most mysterious and enthralling perfumes. When you are in fit, wear this enchanting scent before going to a party & stand tall.

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, dancer, TV personality, fashion designer and platinum-selling recording artist. The curvy bottle shape named Glow was launched initially by the singer, was designed to resemble the actress’s famous figure. Glow was an instant best-seller and followed by series of successful fragrances for women. Blue Glow is more of an aquatic perfume that is blended with floral and a few woodsy notes.



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