Top Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch In February 2021!

Top Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

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Unsure about what to watch this February? Want to know which series are taking over the internet by storm? Still contemplating which shows to pick and invest your time in? Netflix is imbued with bundles of series that would make you addicted instantly. From epic sci-fi to docuseries, Netflix has become a platform for all web series fans to cherish their favorite tv shows. Nodding to the phrase every time we hear it, “Netflix & Chill” now makes so much sense amidst our hectic routines. But you need to invest your time by watching something “worthwhile”!!

As Netflix offers amazing movies, tv shows and mind-boggling seasons of unending entertainment. There are plenty of seasons and movies that you can binge-watch to lower your stress in your vacations or weekends. Yet many times there are shows and series which are not entertaining enough or are just not well suited to our personal tastes and preferences and hence you need to have a sorted list of binge worthy shows. Like Game of Thrones and Emily in Paris, there are many great seasons on Netflix that are not only offering good storylines but the entertainment that we are all yearning for.

Here is the list of some top Netflix shows to bing watch that are making waves and have all the ingredients you might be looking for.

Opt for these following series to celebrate your leisure time to the fullest!

Ginny & Georgia:

Slated to release soon, Ginny & Georgia is a story of a mother and daughter and the age difference between them focusing on how thy navigate the challenges life throws at them.

Black Mirror:

The science fiction series can be considered as one of the best Netflix web series because of the thought provoking themes that leave viewers stunned. Having clever and thoughtful episodes, this season has all the elements that would make you glued to the screens.

Red Dot:

It’s a thriller-based movie that portrays a story of a couple who tries to rekindle their marriage and went for vacations. In a turn of events, they find themselves fleeing for their lives in wilderness from a shooter.


A mystery story that incorporates sisterhood and friendship, should be your pick to spend your weekend this season. A series that is imbued with twists and turns would surely keep you engaged in terms of entertainment. A tale of friendship that goes through a roller coaster ride and is a must watch for all.

Invisible City:

If you are a thriller lover then this upcoming movie namely Invisible city, a story of a police officer who lost his family in a tragedy and later finds out that there is a creature residing among humans. As he tries to find out the criminals, he steps into a different world.


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