Ways To Conceal Your Dark Circles Like A Pro!

Ways To Conceal Your Dark Circles Like A Pro

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If you have a disturbed routine or you might not get enough sleep according to your need, then most likely you will end up developing under eye dark circles. Many men and women these days are prone to having arduous lifestyles that stand in defiance to the day/night pattern as was naturally ordained.  While we ignore the initial signs affecting our health and routine, we should all be geared up to bear the consequences.

Many of us blame genetics as anyone asks about our dark circles, but it is mostly because of our own negligence and habits. Dark circles are stubborn and we need ways to tackle them if we want to look flawless. We just can’t cross our fingers and wait for them to disappear on their own. Giving yourself a perfect makeover would do wonders along with small changes in our routine.

Some tried and tested tricks should be applied to remove or conceal your dark circles completely. As we have all experienced the fact that no matter how much heavy foundation we use, those under eye bags manage to show up. Apart from changing your dietary patterns and sleep timings, top-of-the-line concealers can help you solve this problem in no time. If applied well, a quality concealer can be your savior and you should learn to apply it as it ought to be.

We blindly buy the concealer that is suggested by our friend or shopkeeper-which is absolutely wrong. Thee are many concealers in the market that are for different purposes; from anti-aging properties, to a super hydrating option, to one that offers SPF protection. Top-notch concealers have the ability to give you an instant glow and flawless skin in no time, covering imperfections and dark circles.

Here are some tips to cover your dark circles by using concealers resonating with your requirement!

Home Remedies:

Try out some home remedies to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Use cucumber slices over your eyes every now and then and it would work wonders for you.  You might have heard about benefits of coffee in treating dark circles-well, it does have a good effect on your dark circles. Apply coffee powder mixed with honey or almond oil and apply it thrice a week to get optimum results.

Touch Ups:

In humidity and in rainy days, your makeup tends to fade away and wreck your concealer ultimately. The best way to keep it on place is to have touch ups by using loose powder over it or dab eye shadow primer on your eye area to make it last for longer.

Select Right Concealer and Color Corrector:

It’s quite important to opt for the right tone concealers and color correctors resonating to your skin. When choosing a concealer go for a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin color as it would conceal your dark circles rightly. Blend it in a way that it gets part of your foundation and tap your concealer so that it can stay longer on your skin. Wear concealer according to the need and do not over do it. Try using a brush to use product in a more controllable manner.

Color-correctors should be applied according to the skin tone you have. If you are fair, opt for light to medium peach color. If you have a deeper complexion, opt for a darker peach or orange color instead.

Brightening Creams & Massage:

As skin around your eyes is much thinner and sensitive, it requires more attention and care. Use certain day and night eye creams and massage them every day.

Highlight Cheekbones:

Highlighting your cheekbones can do trick as it would accentuate your cheekbones and give an illusion of less or no dark circles.

Tell us your top tips for concealing your dark circles in the comments below.


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