Ways to Look Taller Without Wearing Heels: Thank Us Later!


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Being conscious about your personality and your appearance has become absolutely paramount in our society. There are beauty standards set by our society that everyone wants to attain somehow. A tall physique is the dream of every modern woman nowadays as a heighted girl is perceived to be more attractive than a short one.  Girls are obsessed with high heels and have them in every color in their shoe rack. They can add glam to your look and make you taller instantly but high heels are not comfortable and as such are definitely not recommended or indeed even practical for everyday use as they can cause health problems.

Petite women who tend to look taller consider high heels to be the only way of looking exotic and tall. They have a wide range of high heels and according to them; it boosts their confidence. Many women don’t have what they deem to be the perfect height and they yearn to get their desired look. Fortunately, there are alternative ways of looking taller and achieve the look you want. Indeed, high heels enhance your overall personality and beauty but it comes with a price.

With a few quick fashion hacks you can create the illusion of being a few inches taller. Playing with silhouettes, designs, colors and show type can make a clear difference in your height whilst still emphasizing your comfort. An improved posture and gait can further reinforce in the long term any short term measures you may take to appear taller. Staying true to yourself and embracing the way you are is the key. To portray your distinctive self, you need to pull off these clever fashion tricks and say NO to faking!


Wearing vertical stripes can give an illusion of taller height. You can wear stripped jeans, trousers or jumpsuits in stripes and you can feel the difference just by adding this fashion statement in your wardrobe.

High Waist:

High-waist jeans and trousers are in fashion and are making their mark as high-end style statements in the fashion arena. It’s time to give yourself a wardrobe makeover by inculcating high-waist jeans and skirts to look taller and chic.

Thigh-high Boots:

Winters are just around the corner and thigh-high boots are best for petite women. Pair up these boots with skinny jeans and leather jackets to oomph your distinctive style while serving an illusion of adding length to your look.

Nude Color Toes & Small Bags:

Pointed sleek flats and nude color shoes are perfect for short heighted girls. Petite women should also go for small bags as it would elevate their aura absolutely.

Shorter Hair:

Keeping your short hair and tie them up in high bun can certainly add up some height. Not only does it give a break from your usual hairstyle but cleverly you can increase your height without people noticing it.

Monochrome fits:

Monochrome fits and on-tone attires can make you look taller instantly while giving an illusion of you being leaner. These kinds of outfits can give you a classy look and trendy style statement.


V-necks are a savior for all petite women who wants to look taller. Never go for round necks and designed ones as it may ruin your look.

No Loose Clothing:

Petite women should not wear loose fitting clothing if they are looking to appear taller and rather should go for tight attires to add extra inch to your height. Short dresses with slits would do wonders!

Tell us in the comments below your top tips for appearing taller!


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