What is Eco-Friendly Fashion

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With the growing importance and awareness regarding sustainable fashion amongst customers and designers, ace brands are changing their approach towards fashion-which is quite a relief. If we pull away all the threads of the fashion realm to unravel a story of pollution, exploitation and waste, we would be stunned. Damaging much of our eco-system, fast fashion influences our mother earth in so many ways and causes unimaginable destruction. The fashion industry proved to the second largest polluter after aviation. Firstly, we need to understand what sustainable fashion is and how it is pivotal to curb the present environmental conditions.

Sustainable fashion also termed as eco-fashion; comprises of a process of changing to fashion products and a fashion system that incorporates greater ecological integrity and social justice. Many human activities and advancements have polluted the nature. Fashion has added up to the environment’s pollution as agricultural and energy resources utilized in the production of clothes.

To analyze the seriousness of this situation, we all need to take a stand against the production of clothing in abundance which ultimately gets dumped into landfills every year as covered in our previous article about the menace of fast fashion. As consumers, we need to buy clothes responsibly to mitigate this situation and re-use the clothes in a more organized manner owing to our unending demands in fashion and urge of constant wardrobe makeover. It all comes at a price to the environment we are living in. From obtaining raw materials to chemical procedures required to make any fashionable product-the entire production process has adverse effects on our environment.

Rapanui Case Study:

Taking into account the case study of UK based company named Rapanui clothing-which is based solemnly on sustainable fashion- we are trying to analyze the impact of fashion on our environment in more comprehensible way. This company was launched in 2009 in order to enlighten everyone by environmental changes and how changing fashion affects our eco-system. It story and success provides a great insight into how more people can become inspired to engage with fashion sustainably.

“I think at the time [the inspiration] came from both of us spending a lot of time learning about sustainability and the environment – and a lot of that came through the content of Mart’s course,” co-founder Rob Drake-Knight said. “… We decided that there was a lot about sustainability that people didn’t know and we wanted to do something to affect it. We used the idea of fashion as a medium because it gets people emotionally inspired and we hoped we could use it to get people to change other parts of their life.”

The products made in this company are processed in an organic manner, low-waste printing technologies, and produced in wind-powered factories. They also detail the traceability of the product they produce in the factories which substantially make it stand out. Furthermore, dumping extra clothing and less used clothes in landfill, is surely a major concern and it seems like Rapanui company has a great solution for this. They gather used Rapanui clothes from people and store them to be recycled!

They are also launching two new projects and we are so taken away just by mere names of them;

T-Shot: T-shirt design app

TeeMill: create and sell your own T-shirts

Companies like Rapanui are setting example for not only beginners but also inspiring top-notch fashion giants for making environment friendly decisions in fashion. We believe their work presents a great lesson that we domestically should pay heed to and plan for a greener future.


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