Breaking Stereotypes: Here is WHY You Should Binge Watch the Web Series “Churails”!

Web Series Churails


After creating the masterpiece “Cake”, Asim Abbasi has pushed his boundaries of creativity and portrayed the unspoken issues persisting in our society related to women through intensive research. Asim Abbasi came up with another project- a web series named Churails– revolving around women empowerment and the treatment by society that women endure. Whether it be sexual assault, domestic violence, abortions, the feminine beauty complex, racism, prostitution & much more. A plot that bluntly illustrates the glitches leading to severe consequences and urge women to take steps at par. Asim Abbasi made it somewhat unconventional by not serving the typical storyline of good girls gone bad but rather kept it realistic and relatable to the women who exist in society-but are not accepted. He has certainly earmarked himself one of the most promising directors in the Pakistani entertainment fraternity by his extravagant directorial skills.

A gang of four modern girls, having completely different lifestyles; formed a mini feminist movement by covering themselves in colorful burqas. Sharing a similar moto -mard ko dard huga- that depicts the vengeful intentions against the corrupted men in society. As all evils are related to women and blamed for it, this web series exudes more than just entertainment and accentuates the problems faced by today’s women. Director Asim abbasi has turned the tables though this series and far stretched the message through this “not so typical” series, perfectly resonating with the title “Churails”!

The star cast of web series Churails includes renowned actresses: Sarwat Gillani playing the role of lawyer turned housewife, Yasra Rizvi as wedding planner, Nimra Bucha as a murderer released from prison whereas Mehrbano is playing role of a big girl who has larger than life dreams and is looking for love. The series consists of 10 episodes and it’s getting better with each episode, making us go drooling over this captivating storyline.

Furthermore, the sounds and background music justify the screen presence and characters aura and are helpful in highlighting the artistic detailing that compliments the on-going events in the plot. On the contrary, there were some spots where the actors failed to impress but as the story progressed the performance improved drastically. The episodes could be cut shorter to make it more intriguing and the  plot can in places be made crisper.

We have spotted some of the cameos of top-notch actors; playing pivotal parts in creating the basic story. This web series as aforementioned; not only serves up some great quality entertainment but also is a class apart in terms of quality and content. Showcasing the brutal realities of society and how women tackle them eventually, the actors also urge women to watch the series and take inspiration from it and learn that one must face the challenges life hurls, rather than just accepting it as the work of fate.

Inhibited about their desires, adorn themselves with exquisite style, unapologetic regarding their language and actions, the series fabricates the power of women and what they can actually do if they are determined. While each episode is based on a certain issue faced by women, it has grabbed the attention of many as it covers a lot of ground making it somewhat surreal & majestic subsequently.

From cinematic beauty to excellent array of acting chops, Churails has captured the attention of people who seek an out of the box storyline with demure of excellent performances & astounding screenplay. Keeping our fingers crossed to know what’s in store for us in next episodes.


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