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Employ our stylists and we will go through your wardrobe and create the perfect range of outfits for you. We’ll teach you how to best utilise your clothes, what and from where you can buy your clothes to up your style game and help you unlock the most fashionable version of yourself.
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Have an upcoming special event? Need that perfect outfit to blow everyone away? Hire our stylists and find your one-off special outfit.
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Personal Shop

Want to get your fashion voice heard? Become a social influencer on our app-build your follower base and win brand sponsorship deals.
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Styling For an occasion

Explore our unique social ecommerce platform by browsing thousands of looks online to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Become inspired by the trendiest looks as you discover Vaqra fashion on our app.
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Creating your own fashion empire

Create your own digital shop from the comfort of your home. Develop your own brand as you sell clothes and accessories and sit back and watch the money roll in.
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