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Our group was built with a desire to create a culture of inclusivity, empowering individuals to give them a greater voice in the world of commerce. Driven by a dream to help build a better tomorrow, this vision has inspired us to create our own charity to do our bit in giving back to our community.

Vaqra Fashion

Bringing forth a new vision in luxury, Vaqra fashion is our revolutionizing clothing collection that dares to reconceptualize the boundaries of what is possible collections.

Diagnostic Lab

Based in the heart of London. I&R Medical is led by a team of renowned doctors that play a key role in directing medical research. We provide a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Provision of General Consultancy Services
  • Recruitment and Headhunting
  • Medical Research
  • Managing Clinics


Based in Singapore, Vaqra International provides import/export and clearing and forwarding custom services to our clients across Asia. A trusted broker with a proven record in delivering results, our client-oriented approach sees us partner ideal trading parties, assist exporters in finding new markets and importers in seeking out reliable suppliers.

Vaqra app

The Vaqra App is a Fashion-based social e-Commerce app offering a range of services including but not limited to:

Discovering the latest in the fashion industry by browsing our app to review the collections of brands, see trending items and reading our in-app fashion magazine.

Users can make money through multiple streams from buying and selling clothes to tagging brands and styles.

Wedding services

Vaqra’s bridal stylist service is the first of its kind in Pakistan. We have recently begun hosting events through our network of partnerships with Pakistan’s leading event management companies to ensure we offer our clients a complete suite of products.

Vaqra tech

We develop your website with the help of our In-house IT software engineers who will design and visualize your ideas.

Our driven, passionate and caring team has always satisfied every customer we’ve had.

Vaqra medical

Vaqra Medical coordinates our medical operations in South Asia. We were recently appointed to the board of the Interventional Radiological Society of Pakistan (IRSP) and provide numerous services, including but not limited to.

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