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Our Company

Vaqra was born as a consequence of our desire to cater to the existing niche in the online fashion retail market and help provide you with a seamless shopping experience. We aim to offer our users a unique way of engaging with fashion, to use our social ecommerce platform to discover new looks, sell clothes and hire professional stylists. We are motivated to offer each individual, Vaqra experiences that are aimed at reflecting the evolving fashion needs of an increasingly fashion-conscious world. Our app offers you a personal styling service that allows you to employ stylists of your choice to revamp your wardrobe, help style you for an occasion or even to become your personal shopper for the day. We present to you a safe and interactive platform where you can browse thousands of looks online and become inspired by the fashion choices of others. Grow your profile and become a verified influencer or just start earning easy money by setting up your digital shop or earning commissions on sales generated from items you tag. Enjoy the lighter side of our app with our fun and exciting filters. These uniquely developed features were created with the sole aim of creating a service that each user can positively engage with to help make your fashion voice count.

Vaqra is the proud owner of the SJ Hope welfare foundation. We promise to give a percentage of each transaction to our foundation in order to support the brilliant and lifesaving work we are undertake. The foundation has recently set up a clinic that provides free basic treatment to the poor and disadvantaged in our society. We have purchased extensive land upon which we intend to build a new place of worship, that will act both as a House of God but also an educational facility that will provide free schooling to orphaned children. Our vision to create a better society starts with our commitment at strengthening the foundations of a community.

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Leading Fashion Brand

Employ our stylists and we will go through your wardrobe and create the perfect range of outfits for you. We’ll teach you how to best utilise your clothes, what and from where you can buy your clothes to up your style game and help you unlock the most fashionable version of yourself.
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Our Business Customers

Have an upcoming special event? Need that perfect outfit to blow everyone away? Hire our stylists and find your one-off special outfit.
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Stylist Services

Want to get your fashion voice heard? Become a social influencer on our app-build your follower base and win brand sponsorship deals.
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Our Ethos

Explore our unique social ecommerce platform by browsing thousands of looks online to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Become inspired by the trendiest looks as you discover Vaqra fashion on our app.
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Our Vision

Vaqra has a singular vision to create an enjoyable and trendy social ecommerce platform that will help infuse a dose of fun into the world of fashion. We strive to make fashion more inclusive by empowering our users and presenting you with opportunities to engage with the range of unique and exciting experiences we have to offer. Our mission is to drive the fashion industry forward by opening up the world of fashion- to help revolutionise the way you engage with fashion, giving you greater comfort, ease and ultimately satisfaction. We desire to help make fashion simpler for you, to provide you with the ability to enjoy our Vaqra experiences and to that end we invite you to download our app and experience for yourself all the amazing things we have to offer.

Our brand

Vaqra is a trendsetting brand that breaks conventions to offer a unique solution to all your fashion problems. We were built with a desire to modernise the way you shop and to bring greater convenience to your every fashion experience.

Our services

Vaqra offers you a range of unique and exciting services that were designed to be rewarding and engaging for our users. Indulge yourself in the range of bespoke services we provide and be inspired by the opportunities we present unto you.

Our commitment

Vaqra is committed to offering the best experience for its users. We strive to offer a dedicated service that will reward you every time you use our app.

Our ethos

Vaqra was built upon a set of founding principles that helps inform our decisions. We desire to create a culture of inclusivity to help empower individuals and give them a greater voice in the world of fashion. This commitment to facilitating individual growth and success has led us to create our own charity with the aim of doing our part to help alleviate innocent suffering.